Instructions for Reviewers

Quality of any journal mainly depends upon the quality of evaluation being done by its Editorial board members. The Reviewer/Editorial Board Members of our Journals are therefore expected to follow and maintain the basic rules reviewing once they receive any article for reviewing. To meet the dead-line of the publication the reviewers are expected to review the article within one month time. Therefore reviewers are expected to select potential articles which do not demand repeated reviews.

Criteria for Reviewing: Reviewers could judge any manuscript on the basis of following criteria:

  • Reviewer's Eligibility: The reviewer must have relevant research experience.

  • Format of the Article: Any major divergence from the standard manuscript format should be indicated.

  • Technical Presentation: The research article should be technically presented instead of being presented as a story.

  • Novelty: The work should have at least some degree of novelty. Mere repetition of past work should not be accepted. You can look for conceptual advancement over previously published work. Any major omission of the previously published findings on the similar problem must be checked.

  • Repeatable Work: Repeatability of the work is the basic principle of science. Kindly check whether the presented work could be repeatable.

  • Interpretation of Result: The discussion should hover around the result and should not include irrelevant and unachievable statement.

  • Statistical Presentation: Reviewer must check whether proper statistics has been applied by the author over the data wherever found necessary.

  • Plagiarism of Data: Data showing any type of suspicion, duplication and manipulation must be brought to the notice of the author(s).

  • Reviewer can put the article in any category after evaluation i.e., an article submitted as 'Research Article' can be recommended as 'Review Article' after our reviewer's recommendations. No author can recommend or force CIBTech or its associated Journals to change the category of the article.

  • Summary: Pin point the strength and weakness of the article considering potential importance of the work present and future context.

  • Conclusion: Finally, reviewer(s) can recommend necessary corrections needed to accept the paper, if they are actually required, else recommend it for publication. If found unsuitable the paper should be declared as unacceptable for publication.

  • Reviewer/Editor must send the Report [regarding suggestions/acceptance/rejection of the article] via email. Please click here to download its copy

  • Review Time: The article must be reviewed within one month time so that timely processing of the Journals can be made. In exceptional cases the deadline can be extended further.

Note: Complete manuscript must be reviewed in any case, until and unless the paper appears absolutely fake or of poorest standard. All the suggestions for corrections (by the reviewer or editorial board members) in the manuscript can be given within brackets using red colored fonts, if they are typed in the manuscript. Portion of text requiring corrections should be highlighted, underlined and made bold. Reviewer must also write the instructions on the reviewer’s certificate, available in our website. Reviewers are requested to avoid any personalized remarks which may hurt the sentiments of author(s) or may be viewed as biased. Authors are further recommended to go through our Terms and Conditions before submitting their manuscripts.

                      "We Ensure Speedy Processing, Publication and Promotion of Quality Work"