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CIBTech Journals means all the Journals published by CIBTech. CIBTech means ‘CENTRE FOR INFO BIO-TECHNOLOGY’ the publisher with website url: Website visitor means one who visits our website. Third party here means person/organization other than the Publisher [CIBTech].


Privacy Statements 

Your privacy is important to CIBTech Journals. The name, address and email id of authors in any of the CIBTech Journal can be downloaded by our web site visitors. These addresses with email ids are there on our website with regard to certain rules implemented by some indexing agencies like UGC etc. In addition to it, the contact addresses published in the journals are purely meant to facilitate communication between the author and visitor for any exchange of scientific and academic thoughts.

Collecting the addresses and email id from our website by any third party for commercial use is not permitted.

CIBTech Journal will use the name, address and email id of authors for the processing and publication of manuscripts submitted to us. The information will be used by CIBTech Journals for future communication which may include invoice, marketing, publication related or any new offers relevant to author’s research and academic areas. 

If CIBTech Journals discloses your personal information to its agents or sub-contractors for any purpose mentioned earlier then the agent or sub-contractor will be required to use that personal information as per the terms mentioned in this privacy statement. 

Though CIBTech Journals will take all the organizational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information, still its security cannot be fully guaranteed. 

CIBTech Journals is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party or other publishers.

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CIBTech or its Journals in no case is responsible for the genuineness of the research/review work, carried out by the authors and published in our Journals. Views, Review articles etc too reflect the individual views of the authors and not the official points of view, either of the CIBTech or its associated Journals. 

Our firm CIBTech will not be held responsible for any false claim made in any kind of advertisement published in our website, that is or those published in our Journals.

Website visitors are therefore required to check the authenticity of the Advertisement published in our website or Journals.

Collecting the addresses and email id from our website by any third party for commercial use is not permitted but it can not be ruled out. Therefore the authors will not hold CIBTech or its Journals' responsible for any such misuse/commercial use of their email ids and addresses. 

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