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We believe in building a strong team with every member having feeling of being integral part of that team. We will offer opportunities to those who really have the relevant work aptitude, believe in thinking beyond boundaries and zeal to explore the unexplored.

Current Job Openings

About the Organization: Centre for Info Bio Technology is a research and service based organization which is committed to address scientific issues (falling under its areas of expertise) prevailing in our society and serve the scientific community with its available resources.  We are already running a career oriented website in Life Sciences and Biotechnology called, www.indiabiotech.in since 2008. It is India's premier website that provides comprehensive and updated industrial, academic and career oriented information in Indian perspective. We are running 7 Online International Journals (www.cibtech.org) in various branches of Science and Technology. We are starting a Research Centre (from May 2012) where we are initially starting training/projects and dissertation (1-6 months duration) but are going to indulge in some innovative projects touching some global, current and futuristic issues within next 1-2 years. We are looking for some energetic, innovative, hardworking and devoted persons for our organization. Following job positions are available but any post can be created for useful person. 

I. Job Title: Research Officer

Number of Vacancies: One-Two

Qualification: 10+2 (Maths and Bio) + M.Sc. (Biotech/Life Sciences) + Ph.D.

Desired Profile:


  • Proactive, Energetic, Creative with Strong Research Aptitude.

  • Very Good Presentation Skills; Confident enough to deal with any level of scientific authorities of academic and research institutions and companies.

  • Having the zeal to grow and explore the unexplored.


  • Well Versed with Advanced Techniques in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.

  • MSOffice; Hands on knowledge of Advanced Statistics' Softwares, Internet Surfing.

Experience: 1-3 years of research and relevant experience.

Mode of Application and Selection:

  • Document Submission: E-Mail your CV (Word/PDF format) along with a covering letter, a scanned passport size coloured photo (pasted on top right side of your CV), clearly highlighting your skills relevant to the job.

  • Plan: Must Submit a strong summarized work plan (for the development of the organization) between 120-150 words while applying for the post.

  • Interview: After scrutinizing the applications the name of the sort listed candidates for the interview will be uploaded in our website (www.cibtech.org/Career.htm).  The candidate will be called for interview- first telephonic and then followed by personal one. Candidate must have some strong plans/strategies at the time of personal interview. No travel expenses will be given to the candidate for the interview.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop and Maintain professional and systematic communication with the scientific persons world over to promote our Research organization.

  • Groom your research skills by preparing industry oriented or innovative projects.

  • You have to design the marketing/scientific strategies to promote our Research Centre.

  • Communication and relation building with the scientific institutes and colleges and biotech companies via promoting indiabiotech.in.

  • Designing and executing admission strategies at the centre so that research and training work could go on throughout the year.

  • Supervising the Training and Research activities at the centre.

  • Candidate must have his/her own vehicle. Conveyance charges will be provided for outdoor activities.


II. Job Title: Computer Operator

Number of Vacancies: One - Two

Eligibilities: 10+2 (Maths+Biology); Graduate in any discipline

Desired Profile:

  • Good command over MS OFFICE, FLASH, PHP, CORAL DRAW; JAVA Script; Web designing; Web Maintenance.

  • Good writing skills in English.

  • Candidate must have his/her own vehicle. Conveyance charges will be provided for outdoor activities.

Experience: 6 months-1 year experience; have taken training in above aspects.

Mode of Selection:

  • Document Submission: E-Mail your CV (Word/PDF format) along with a covering letter, a scanned passport size photo (pasted on top right side of your CV), clearly highlighting your skills relevant to the job.

  • Interview: After scrutinizing the applications the name of the sort listed candidates for the interview will be posted on our webpage www.cibtech.org/Career.htm.  The candidate will be called for interview.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Internet surfing; E-mail dealing; MSOFFICE WORK (No data entry); Web designing and maintenance of our own 2-3 websites.

  • Some office routine work (local outdoor and indoor).

Contact: Mail us your CV at contact@cibtech.org, cibtech@yahoo.com

III. Job Title: Lab boy

Number of Vacancies: One

Eligibilities: 10 or 10+2.

Desired Profile:

  • Dedicated, Hardworking; Down to earth

Job Responsibilities:

  • Support office and lab work


For All The Above Posts

Apply: Apply at contact@cibtech.org, cibtech@yahoo.com

Interview: With prior consent (Click to see Office Location)

Joining: 2012.

Location: A-182, Sunder Nagar, Near Nirman Nagar, Jaipur

Office Timings: 9am to 5:30 pm 

Note* CIBTech reserves the right to call any candidate for the interview. If the candidate is not found suitable for the post he/she may not be called/informed. No telephonic conversation will be entertained in this regard.



CIBTech invites persons (Either M.Sc./M.Tech. or PhD in Biosciences or Biotechnology) with hands-on experience to demonstrate some advanced lab exercises in biotechnology at our Centre (in May 2012 first or second week). The person will send hands on protocol (first the soft copy and if approved then the hardcopy) with every detail (both qualitative and quantitative). Person will be paid for the number of exercises he/she performs. Amount is mentioned against each exercise.

The protocol must have Fine detail (even one Rupee item should be mentioned) regarding the materials and methods, involved, such as:

MATERIALS (Manufacturer, Local Supplierís Address with Mobile number) (DONíT MENTION KITS WITH UNDISCLOSED CHEMICAL in the ĎMATERIALSí section)

1. Equipment: Name, model; exact price (year); compulsory accessories.

2. Chemical: Name, grade, amount needed to conduct 10 exercises; Rate of minimum package available.

3. Glassware: name, brand, capacity; Mention amount needed for 10 students.

4. Experimental material and its availability (mention if the material is season dependent).


1. Pre-Experimental Requirement: Donít skip any fine requirement; Time needed for preparation.

2. Break the protocol into various sub-categories if there are few simultaneous procedures. Approx time required for each sub-procedure.

3. Neatly define each and every step systematically (mentioning the precautions as and wherever required).


1. Clearly define what to observe or possible results

2. Observation or Result must be shown in tabulated form


Candidate must be able to discuss the result/significance of the exercise; it may be in 5-10 sentences.


Candidate will provide the references of the above protocol, and if the protocol has been modified then the candidate will give scientific explanation (in writing) for the modifications.

 Exercise must be based on easily available plants or microbial samples

S. No.


Emolument (Rs.)


DNA Isolation and purification from plants/bacteria



RNA isolation and purification plants/bacteria



Quantitative estimation (spectrophotometrically) of DNA isolated above



Quantitative estimation (spectrophotometrically) of RNA isolated above



Gel electrophoresis and band analysis of DNA isolated above (RFLP/RAPD)



Gel electrophoresis and band analysis of RNA isolated above



PCR of DNA isolated by above technique



Protein extraction and purification



SDS PAGE of protein isolated above



Plant protoplast isolation and culture



Plant protoplast hybridization (via simple chemical technique) and culture



Somatic embryogenesis, seed encapsulation, storage and germination



Bio-informatics exercises (sufficient enough to engage the student for not less than one month)



Biostatistics (SSPS, Anova Software etc.); With CD and stepwise written protocol (soft and hard copy)



Suggest Any other Industry Oriented/Interesting Exercise



Contact Address for Research Project:

Dr. R.S. Negi


Centre for Info Bio Technology (CIBTech)

A 163, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Nagar

200 Feet Road, Jaipur, P.O. Mansarowar

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India 302020

Website: www.cibtech.org; E-mail: cibtech@yahoo.com

Mobile: 09636711774 


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