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Centre for Info Bio Technology is a research and publication based organization. We are involved in Publication of Research Journals for the last 12 years [since 2011].

We are coming up with high quality edited book publication, covering, Recent, Advanced and Creative review chapters on various aspects of science and technology, including basic as well as applied one. The books will have ISBN number.

Books Coming up in 2022: Titles of the 'Proposed Books' Can be seen at this link/webpage 

‘Terms and Conditions’ for Book Chapter Submission

1. Any chapter can include upto 10 authors.

2. Total minimum and maximum page limit will be 10 to 30 pages [including figure pages] respectively. Single page can accommodate around 600 words. So your article could be approximately of 6000-18000 words [without figure]. All photographs must be limited to total 6 pages. Out of this, only 4 pages are allowed for colored figures/photos. Figure size must fit within 19x12.5cm [length x breadth respectively] dimensions, and all its labeling must be visible in this size limit. Legends of the figures should also fit within this dimension. Figure must not be distorted and its size must be proportionately compressed at the time of submission [by the author]. Book size will be 24cm x 16.5cm.

3. Processing fee for the chapter [at the time of submission] will be applicable. It will be Rs. 2000 [for authors from Indian Subcontinents and African nations] or 60 USD [for other authors] per Chapter. It will not guarantee approval or selection of chapter if it is not upto the standard. Submission fee is non-refundable even if the author(s) withdraws the chapter immediately after submission or before publication. No refunding of submission fee will be there if the chapter is rejected. Plagiarized article will be outrightly rejected without any refunding of the Submission fee. Authors need to submit our 'Undertaking and Copyright Statement' form at the time of Submission regarding originality of their articles. A summary [not more than 500 words] of the chapter can be submitted at the beginning, for initial/temporary approval of the chapter. No fee will be charged for the submission of the summary.

4. Separate Print/Publication fee will be applicable once the article is approved and accepted. It will be Rs. 300 [for authors from Indian Subcontinents and African nations] or 15 USD [for other authors] per page. For coloured photographs/figures Rs. 600 or 20 USD per page [respectively] will be charged. So, better if you show maximum figures in single page [though within the dimensions of the photoplate/figure page as mentioned above].

5. Author will receive single copy of the book, one copy per chapter submission. If there are two or more authors in a chapter then only single copy will be given free of cost. Rest of the copies you have to purchase based on the printed selling price. Separate Postal Charges will be applicable for authors outside India [around 20 to 40 USD per copy of the book depending upon the country].

6. Chapter must include recent advances made in the topic/area. This means most of the references should be between the years 2010-2020.

7. Chapter must be submitted strictly with subheadings like, TITLE; AUTHOR’S NAME, OFFICIAL ADDRESS, EMAIL ID; SUMMARY; INTRODUCTION; CONCLUSIONS; REFERENCES . Your conclusion must have some innovative outcome. Original FIGURES [photo/graphs/diagrams] must be supplied separately with high resolutions. Figure can be submitted as full or half page size, that is   19x12.5cm or 9.5X12.5cm sizes or smaller. This is because final book size will be 24cm x 16.5cm. Figure larger than 24cm height and 17 cm diameter will be rejected and should be resubmitted by the author himself. Figures must be properly numbered along with titles/legends.

8. The book will be released by March end 2022. Chapters will be booked on first come first serve basis. Since the final size of the book will have around 600 pages therefore early submission of the chapter is advised. Chapters should be submitted on or before 20th March 2022 to avoid any delay in the publication process. Author has to respond within a week, if some information/clarifications are sought from him/her regarding the modifications/correction in the chapter and other formalities related to the publication, else the chapter will be postponed for future publication in some other relevant book.

9. Author can submit summary [maximum 500 words] in advance for approval. But the final chapter must be strictly relevant to your summary. Else the chapter will be rejected. Author will follow instructions from the editor necessary to meet the quality and vision of our publication. Author must have/submit proper data/photos/graphs [if relevant, needed and asked].   

10. All communications must be done via official email id of the corresponding author. Communication via Whatsapp, Facebook or mobile must be avoided. This is to keep proper record of the entire publication process. This will indeed help in avoiding controversies, smooth functioning of our publication process and timely completion of the work.

11. Author must proofread the chapter before submitting, to avoid any delay in the acceptance and publication of the chapter/book.

12. Authors themselves have to take care of the quality/correction of the language of their chapters.

13. Corresponding author will submit hand-filled, originally signed 'Undertaking and Copyright Form for Book Chapter Publication' at the time of full length Chapter Submission.

14. The corresponding author will also have to download, print and sign 'This Webpage' []', the 'Reference, Figure, Table Terms and Condition Webpage' [] alongwith our 'Undertaking and Copyright Statements form' [] stating that he/she/all authors has/have read, understood and agreed to all the 'Terms and Conditions' relevant to the Book Chapter's Submission and Publication.

15. Reference, Figure and Table Format for Book Chapter has been separately explained in separate webpage. Please click here to visit that page. Author(s) has/have to download this page also and sign it to agree to the formats applicable to Reference, Figure (Photo/Graph/Diagram) and Table.

16. Author will have to submit the hardcopy of the necessary documents [via surface mail] if asked by the publisher/editor.

For further query, please feel free to email us.


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[You can download (fill and sign) our 'Undertaking and Copyright Statements form' from this link []

[You can  also click here to download the 'Terms and Conditions' page needed for signature and submission]

[You can also click here to download the 'Reference, Figure, Table'  terms and condition page needed for signature and submission]


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