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International Journal of Geology, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Aims and Scope


Aim and Scope of the Journal: The aim of the Journal is to provide a platform for the researchers and academicians throughout the world to speedily publish, share and discuss various new findings and developments in the areas of Geology, Earth and Environmental Sciences.  The major aspects of research areas include, but are not exclusive to Atmospheric pollutants, Biogeochemistry, Bioremediation of contaminants, Biostratigraphy, Climate change, Conservation in the natural world, Continental ecosystems, Crust-mantle interaction, Dynamics of the lithosphere, Earth history, Ecological and human risk assessment, Economic geology, Energy auditing, Energy conservation, Energy resources, Environmental biology, Environmental chemistry, Environmental ecology, Environmental engineering, Environmental impact assessment, Environmental microbiology, Environmental remedial action planning, Environmental sciences,  Environmental standards and criteria, Environmental toxicology, Environments pollution control, Evolution of life (early life, biostratigraphy, biogeography and mass-extinction), Fluids, Fluxes, Geochemistry, Geochronology, Geohazards, Geology, Geomorphology, Geophysics, Glacial geology, Glaciology, Green technology for sustainable development, Heavy metals and organic compounds in the environment, Improved energy management, Industrial ecology, Legal aspects related to environment, Magmatism, Marine ecosystem, Marine geology, Metamorphism, Mineral deposits and hydrocarbons, Mineralogy, Orogeny, Palaeoceanography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeontology, Petrology, Pollution and remediation, Quaternary geoscience,  Resulting geomorphology, Sedimentology, Seismology and earthquakes, Sewage treatment, Soil biodegradation, Soil science, Solid and hazardous waste management; Stratigraphy, Structural geology, Surface processes (weathering, erosion, transport and deposition of sediments), Sustainable development, Tectonics, Volcanology.

Types of Papers

General article: Covering current trends in research in geology, earth and environmental sciences but may be interesting to general readers outside the field.

Addendum: It includes article giving additional information on earlier published research paper of the author

Research article: Covering research work of scientific excellence.

Review article: Focusing on current advancements in the given field.

Short communication: Containing important, interesting and noble findings. 

Case report: It includes medical case reports related to toxicology etc.

Research account: Personalized review articles on the research work carried at the author(s) laboratory, based on the published work of the author(s). 

Historical note: Includes famous scientific personalities or institutions or events of the past.

Opinion: Views on scientific activity.

Book reviews: On reference books published in specialized aspects of Geology, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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