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Free, Subscribed & Open Access Publication and Article Downloading Charges

Centre for Info Bio Technology [CIBTech], Jaipur has revised its Free, Subscription & Open Access Fee Policies and article downloading charges for its articles. Please carefully go through them before submitting any article for publication:

  1.        Journal Publication

a)       Annual Subscription Fee: Pay *INR 1500 or 90 USD* per author as annual subscription, no processing and publication fee will be charged and article will be published online, open access]. Here author can submit n number of articles for publication, but only approved article will be published after our review process.

b)       Open Access Publication Fee: It is applicable for unsubscribed author, which is INR 1000 per author per article. For foreign authors it is 90 USD for first two authors, for additional authors it is 30 USD per author per article.

c)        Free Publication: No fee is charged from the author at all; author will get copy of the published article [as JPEG/image file, watermarked-‘not to be uploaded/circulated online’] via email with publication certificate, but full article will not be visible online [no open access]. Author cannot upload the article [so that it could be viewable to other person] to any website/Google Scholar/social media/as CV on internet/blog etc, neither can mail to third person (friends or colleagues etc.). Article can be made open access later on by paying the open access fee +10% late fee [fee may be revised in the future]. 

2.        Proceedings Publication

a)       Open Access Publication of the PROCEEDINGS: The organizer will have to pay INR 750 or 30 USD per article [provided the articles are selected after the quality review process]. There is no guarantee that every article submitted for publication could get selected/approved for publication. 

b)       Free Publication of PROCEEDINGS: No fee will be charged from the Conference organizer/authors. Organizer will receive JPEG/image file of the PROCEEDINGS [watermarked-‘not to be uploaded/circulated online’]. Authors and conference organizer cannot upload their published articles to any website/social media/Google Scholar/as CV on internet/blog etc, neither can email to third person (friends or colleagues etc.). But author individually can ask the publisher [CIBTech] to publish the article online, by paying fee INR 1000 or 35 USD per article later on, anytime. Only good quality articles submitted for publication will be selected/approved for publication. CIBTech’s decision will be final in this regard. Organizers cannot withdraw the publication of PROCEEDINGS after signing this agreement/document else a penalty fee for Rs. 5000 or 300 USD will be charged for the withdrawal. So, please study everything about the Journal before dealing with the publisher.  

3.        Article Downloading Charges [for Visitors]

        Website visitors can download non open access article [for their own use] after the payment [normally 300 INR or 10 USD per article]. To get free copies of All NON OPEN ACCESS ARTICLES [of a Journal] published in a calendar year, just pay INR 600 or 30 USD. BUT the visitors cannot upload the downloaded articles [so that it could be viewable to other person] to any other website/social media/as CV on internet/blog etc, neither can mail to third person (friends or colleagues etc.).

Authors have to compulsorily follow following instructions and submit following documents at the time of article submission:

1.        Authors have to prepare articles strictly as per the Journal’s format, else it will not be entertained. You can download our generalized ‘sample article format’ from this link:  (for further help, please see Published articles of the relevant Journal from this link:

2.        You should also see our 'Terms and Conditions' webpage at before using our website.

3.        You can download (fill and sign) our 'Undertaking and Copyright Statements form' from this link []. For free publication there is separate Undertaking and Copyright form, available at this link:

4.        Upper time limit for reviewing any article is 90 days. Article submitted for publication cannot be withdrawn before 90 days else a withdrawal fee for Rs. 2000 [for author working in India] and 60 USD [for foreign authors] per article will be charged. In case of free publication, accepted article can be published even if the author tries to withdraw the article without paying the withdrawal fee.

5.        Authors/organizers have to submit [with signature and seal/letterhead] this document. Failing to abide by the rules written here will allow CIBTech to take any action against the author(s)/website visitor/organizer.

I/We fully agree to the terms and conditions stated in this document. I will submit the hardcopy of the article/any relevant documents if asked by the editor/CIBTech and cooperate with them. Full title of my/our article/Proceedings is______________________________________________





[Full Name, Signature of author(s)/organizer]. [Use Official Seal or relevant Letterhead for this document]

*Note: INR=Indian National Rupees, applicable for Indian Authors; and USD=US Dollars, for Foreign Authors



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