Peer Review and Publication Policy

All the Journals published by 'CENTRE FOR INFO BIO TECHNOLOGY' [CIBTech] follows double blind peer review process, where both reviewers and authors remain anonymous throughout the review process.

Only those articles which follow our Journals' format and have minimum quality standards are forwarded to the reviewer.

Author has to follow the reviewer's suggestions/revisions if asked before the paper is finally accepted by the Editor-in-Chief. Only reviewer's instructions to the author are forwarded to the authors. Rest of the information is stripped from the document.

Instructions for Reviewers

To maintain the quality of the articles, to be published in our Journals, detailed instructions for reviewers are prepared. The instructions are available in our separate webpage:

Policy on Retraction of Articles

Our Journals follow the COPE guidelines for Retraction of articles. Detail can be see at the following web link:

Policy on Plagiarism

We check the plagiarism of the submitted article using open source software, Viper. Plagiarism can be reported to us as soon as possible, so that the guilty authors could be debarred from publishing for a period of one year.

Web Link for Viper:


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